Thursday, 26 May 2011

Supreme Court - Hell, YEAH!

"What do you mean he does not have a duty of care?" "Yes, Your Honour but we would like to submit..." Yesterday night to be described in one word was AWESOME, wait no, it was MIND-BLOWING! Yes, I visited a courthouse for the first time in my life and just to clear it up I did not do anything illegal. I was there as a spectator for a Grand Finals Competition held by my university Law Society. It was incredible. It was held in the SUPREME COURT and actual Supreme Court Judges were presiding over the matter. It was fantastic. Yes, I'm going to be using a lot of powerful adjectives. By the way, judges in real life are just as sarcastic and funny as they are on TV. It was so much fun and the two parties( team of contestants) were very, very good. I would have broken down and cried if I were them being under fire from the moment you open your mouth. Visiting a court house was everything I imagined and more. The excitement I had before hand was not let down and the experience definitely met my expectations and maybe even surpassed them. And walking through the streets in the city with friends at night after the rain was beautiful. I quote my friend when she said that the 'rain made the ground all sparkly' which it did and the lights that lit up the streets and the tall buildings surrounding us made me feel like part of a movie. It was a fun experience and one that I'll definitely being doing again soon.
Hopefully, next year it'll be me saying "Your Honour" and "May it please the court".  Yes, I might as well get early practice if I want my dreams to come true.
So, that was my Wednesday night for me. And it was damn good one at that. I might have missed the Criminal Minds new episode (which I was dying to see) but it was all worth it.

Now, for me to go back to studying. ARGHHH...........................
If I become a princess ( because I'll be marrying Prince Harry), why do I need to study for?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
-Nelson Mandela-

THAT'S WHY! And I definitely want to change the world even if it is going to have to be one fraction of a person at a time

Night, peeps :) or morning or afternoon or evening wherever you're from or whenever you're reading this.

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