Thursday, 26 May 2011

Supreme Court - Hell, YEAH!

"What do you mean he does not have a duty of care?" "Yes, Your Honour but we would like to submit..." Yesterday night to be described in one word was AWESOME, wait no, it was MIND-BLOWING! Yes, I visited a courthouse for the first time in my life and just to clear it up I did not do anything illegal. I was there as a spectator for a Grand Finals Competition held by my university Law Society. It was incredible. It was held in the SUPREME COURT and actual Supreme Court Judges were presiding over the matter. It was fantastic. Yes, I'm going to be using a lot of powerful adjectives. By the way, judges in real life are just as sarcastic and funny as they are on TV. It was so much fun and the two parties( team of contestants) were very, very good. I would have broken down and cried if I were them being under fire from the moment you open your mouth. Visiting a court house was everything I imagined and more. The excitement I had before hand was not let down and the experience definitely met my expectations and maybe even surpassed them. And walking through the streets in the city with friends at night after the rain was beautiful. I quote my friend when she said that the 'rain made the ground all sparkly' which it did and the lights that lit up the streets and the tall buildings surrounding us made me feel like part of a movie. It was a fun experience and one that I'll definitely being doing again soon.
Hopefully, next year it'll be me saying "Your Honour" and "May it please the court".  Yes, I might as well get early practice if I want my dreams to come true.
So, that was my Wednesday night for me. And it was damn good one at that. I might have missed the Criminal Minds new episode (which I was dying to see) but it was all worth it.

Now, for me to go back to studying. ARGHHH...........................
If I become a princess ( because I'll be marrying Prince Harry), why do I need to study for?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
-Nelson Mandela-

THAT'S WHY! And I definitely want to change the world even if it is going to have to be one fraction of a person at a time

Night, peeps :) or morning or afternoon or evening wherever you're from or whenever you're reading this.

Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm trying so hard and yet I fail. I mean WHAT THE HELL? This frustrates me like crazy. I'm doing everything by the book and then when the results pop-up, it shows me a mark that I can only call by one word, DISGRACEFUL. It's not like I'm failing university, far from it, but arghhhhhh...this is so frustrating.

In other news, I survived the so-called end of the world, so I must be one of those 'bad' people. LOL. Talking about the end of  the world, I have a feeling(which I pray to God is wrong) that the world could end in 2012. Why? Have you looked around you and realised the amount of disasters that have been occuring? From the tornadoes to the Tsunamis, the list does not seem to want to end this year and we are not even through the first 6 months. And then the killing of Osama Bin Laden, could Al-Qaeda's payback attack be the end of us? We never know and all I can do is sit here eating my yoghurt and question it. From man-made disaster to natural disasters, everything seems to be turning on us including Mother Nature. Probably saw that coming what with us wasting water, making a hole in the ozone layer....
If it really is the end of the world in 2012, I wish someone would tell me and be like 100% sure. Cause then instead of studying my face off and getting disappointing results I would be travelling the world. I would want to see the 7 wonders of the world, watch a game at Old Trafford, meet the Germany Football Team ( cause I simply LOVE them) and the list goes on. I wouldn't want to waste my time studying for a degree,okay actually 2 degrees, if I'm never going to get a chance to use them. Say what?! Talk about a waste of time. I would also like to spend time with my family and friends instead of millions of miles away from them(exaggeration, but you get the idea)

And now for me to get back to studying as my first ever finals at university is just and I mean JUST around the corner. Wish me luck!
To leave this post on a happier note, I leave you with a photo of an incredible being.

haha,YES it is ASTON MERRYGOLD. what can I say, he makes me smile :)

TGIM! Yes, Thank God It's Monday cause this means I now have an extra whole week to study for my exams. YIPEE!!! ( I sound like a nerd, but desperate times call for desperate measures)

Monday, 2 May 2011


Yes, he is dead. And yes, according to the American government from the words of their very first African American President Barack Obama, OSAMA BIN LADEN has been confirmed dead. Pretty historical I would say. The mastermind, or at least what they say,he was the mastermind (nobody may ever know for sure except maybe the governments of some countries), of the destructive 9/11 that shocked the world and united America as they grieved for the lost of many heroic lives. The fight against this has been long and hard. Many more lives have been lost yet many more lives have also maybe been saved. Finally, even though this is not the end, it is a certain closure for the families that lost their loved ones. Justice has maybe been finally served...
But then again, I cannot help but wonder just like the human mind is it really the death of the Osama (the most twittered at the moment). Or could this be some kind of conspiracy theory and might just be somebody else's body instead of Osama's? I cannot help but ponder over this issue. Just like the theories that Micheal Jackson is not dead and the 9/11 disaster was really the brainchild of the Americans. Who knows,right?
It took them a decade to find him. It was 2001 and now its 2011. A long decade...

The number one trending thing on Yahoo at the moment is OSAMA.
Can you guess the 2nd thing?

It's PIPPA MIDDLETON. Yup, that girl is an overnight internet session. Unbelievable. And yes, I would like to correct my earlier blogpost that she is not engaged yet but rumoured to be soon engaged. But then some question with her now high popularity will she want to settle down or become rich and famous with that incredibly awesome figure?

Well, all I know is I'm still waiting for my marriage to Prince Harry ;) haha...

Sunday, 1 May 2011


See, I've travelled all around the world now but no where ever comes close to home.

How amazing was that? It was everything it hyped up to be. I was in near tears when I saw Kate, oops, I mean Princess Catherine in that lovely wedding dress walking down the aisle. The commentator was saying something along the lines that she walks in a commoner, just another you or me and walks out a royalty. How freaking amazing is that? CINDERELLA. It's exactly like that fairytale. Every girl's dream to marry a prince and she's done that. She made it possible for us to believe in that dream. Speaking of her dress, I thought is was simply stunning. It was so simply yet she looked so elegant. I'm also very impressed by the fact that she managed to keep it under wraps as to who the designer was. So may say it was too simply for a royal wedding but in the end I suppose it does not really matter. She looked beautiful like how every bride should look and feel on her wedding day. Moving on to her sister, Pippa, how fantastic did she look? I can say that she must have stole some of the attention of Kate. She looked hot! Unfortunately, for the male population, she is already engaged and some may even say it's too bad for Prince Harry as well who seemed to be or at least from what has been said to be getting along with her. LOL. Also,  I would like to mention how freaking awesome the Queen is to be 85 AND STILL WALKING IN HEELS. I take my hat off to her for that. Speaking of hats, I cannot believe the amount of fancy hats I've seen. I don't get the British fascination for these kinds of hats.
Also, how good looking is Prince Harry - the most eligible royal bachelor in the UK. Plus, he is not even balding like Prince William. So, girls out there, just to note I'm marrying Prince Harry. Sorry to his on and off girlfriend, Chelsy but yeah, I'm going to be his bride *super smiley face* The kiss on the balcony was sweet and part of tradition. I wonder if the next royal couple would have to kiss three times since Charles and Diana did it once and now Kate and William twice. Hmm? Maybe I'll be kissing Harry three times then in front of thousands. haha.
Well, that about sums up the royal wedding from my point of view. Oh, wait...can you imagine how proud Kate's father must have been when he was giving away his daughter to the future King of England? That was amazing and that was also making me tear up.
Also, the amount of celebration that was going on around the world as the people gathered in stadiums, pubs and houses to watch the live telecast of the royal wedding? That was fantastic!

That's all from me. Until my royal wedding, TTFN!