Friday, 2 December 2011

job experience ( or lack thereof )

well, here I am at my first ever job - well, technically I'm interning, well it's actually called Vacation Training but you get the flow. 

It's my second day at work and I'm bored. I have not been assigned to a task as yet and I feel like going up to somebody and asking to help them. Should I? but we were told to wait and I'm getting really bored. And I don't want to go on facebook cause that might be a little rude :/

So, here I am attending to my abandoned blog.
A lot has happened since my last update.
but I'll leave that for another blog.

Going back to my job, well there's really nothing much to be said about it except... I'm still waiting and I'm pretty sure a week from now I'll be regretting saying all this but yeah...

I've got half an hour till work ends and yeah...
You can definitely tell I'm bored,right?
Cause I can!

I want to help out but am afraid so what can I do? NOTHING!
well, I'm going to try do something.
till later...

'jangan nangis'