Monday, 2 May 2011


Yes, he is dead. And yes, according to the American government from the words of their very first African American President Barack Obama, OSAMA BIN LADEN has been confirmed dead. Pretty historical I would say. The mastermind, or at least what they say,he was the mastermind (nobody may ever know for sure except maybe the governments of some countries), of the destructive 9/11 that shocked the world and united America as they grieved for the lost of many heroic lives. The fight against this has been long and hard. Many more lives have been lost yet many more lives have also maybe been saved. Finally, even though this is not the end, it is a certain closure for the families that lost their loved ones. Justice has maybe been finally served...
But then again, I cannot help but wonder just like the human mind is it really the death of the Osama (the most twittered at the moment). Or could this be some kind of conspiracy theory and might just be somebody else's body instead of Osama's? I cannot help but ponder over this issue. Just like the theories that Micheal Jackson is not dead and the 9/11 disaster was really the brainchild of the Americans. Who knows,right?
It took them a decade to find him. It was 2001 and now its 2011. A long decade...

The number one trending thing on Yahoo at the moment is OSAMA.
Can you guess the 2nd thing?

It's PIPPA MIDDLETON. Yup, that girl is an overnight internet session. Unbelievable. And yes, I would like to correct my earlier blogpost that she is not engaged yet but rumoured to be soon engaged. But then some question with her now high popularity will she want to settle down or become rich and famous with that incredibly awesome figure?

Well, all I know is I'm still waiting for my marriage to Prince Harry ;) haha...

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