Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Aston Merrygold ( I can't believe I have a blogpost for him)

He's got me hooked and I hate him for that. I absolutely hate him for that and yet at the same time I love him more than my heart can tell. Why? Why do you have to do this to me? Gosh, I do sound scary. Trust me, this is nothing like me at all. Just that when your overseas, alone with nothing much to do and ALOT of time in your hands and the availability of 24/7 internet service, it could make you a little crazy or even turn you into a stalker. Not that I am but at the rate I'm going, I might just become one. I shudder at that thought. I also think how sad my life is that he doesn't know I exist. And the worst part is I might never get to see him in person. We will be forever miles and miles away, me just admiring him through a little invention called the internet.
Yes, I'm talking about ASTON MERRYGOLD.
My craze for The Wanted has somehow died and now I'm into JLS and I've a feeling it won't die. I love their songs and their personality. Wait. Did I not just say the same thing about TW? Gosh, I have to get a life. Pronto!
Anyway, since I have nothing else to do, I did this for the blue boy in JLS.

Till then,
I'll race you to the sun before the morning comes...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Dreams, Boybands, JLS...squeal!

JLS...Jack the Lad Swing
can someone please explain to me what the JLS oath means? I'm a new fan, a new crazy fan and I suppose I would not mind taking that oath ;)

I think this is the oath but if someone could explain it to me, I would be grateful.

I Took The JLS Oath and Im Gunna Stick It Out ‘Till The End’

The Ninjas with the Swagger, The Boys with the Swing, We’re forever in Love Doing our JLS Thing!

 Damn, do I sound depressed. I'm not.
But this has got me thinking.
Does anyone find it weird about how we obsess over a certain celebrity or in my case boybands like JLS and THE WANTED...we,ahem,I, know nearly everything about them and yet they have no clue that I exist. Isn't that sad? it's like we spend numerous hours over the internet, stalking them, going to concerts screaming their names in hope they may at least look in our direction...I find it kinda pathetic and yet here I am...
well, i guess that's the price you pay for crushing on a celebrity. so here's what I think. Instead of waiting for the actual ASTON MERRYGOLD ( who is freaking hot!) or JAY MCGUINNESS ( who melts my heart), I think we should look around us cause we might find our own versions of Jay or Aston ( who might never measure up to the real ones in looks or stuff ) but can and definitely will fill the vacancy in your hearts :) see what i did that? Smart, eh? haha...

well, i should probably sign off here.
Take a look around girls, you never know who might catch your eye ;) and for all you know it might actually be the REAL Aston or Jay... dreams do come true.

Sweet dreams, everyone!
In all honesty, it sounds quite cool. the ninjas with the swaggers, haha....

Monday, 11 April 2011

I am alive cause the CLUB IS ALIVE

The song that has me currently swinging my hips...

Did I also mention how hot these cutties look? If your not sure who they are, they're the FREAKING AWESOME JLS!

Peace out!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

NO, not the song, just how I'm feeling right now. Moving into a house full of strangers is something a lot of people or at least those that head to university (far away from home) find themselves doing, as did I. My first impression was not what I had preconceived. I always thought living in a house with uni mates was going to be fun and everybody would be super friendly and you would become best friends with the people you were living with. I was wrong,big time!  But then I got to know my housemates and I was like "oh, they are actually quite nice and since I was the youngest they were kinda helpful". I considered myself super lucky to be housed with cool people who talked to me more than just for out of courtesy. Then, I got to know them a little better and realised that their way of living was not like mine. They saw life slightly differently from me. But they were still nice. They called me to hang out with them ( which I thought was cool) and by hanging out with them I even managed to play the guitar. Okay, so by playing the guitar I just mean strumming a few chords on it but that was like life changing for me. I had never touched a guitar before so I found it like some loser, super cool. I even joked with my friends back home that 'the world should watch out cause I now want to become a superstar'. But of course, in front of my housemates, I acted all cool. So, now I'm starting to realise that we don't have the same outlooks on life. And I know to whoever is reading this I must sound like a crazy person cause nobody would care or it shouldn't be a big deal that people have different characteristics in life. We are all supposed to deal with diversity! And I pretty much deal with diversity really well especially since I come from a country where we praise diversity.
But I somehow feel I don't fit in with them, like an intruder who stepped into their life. So, here is the part where I pose the question should I stay or should I go?
I have also come to realise that living in a house with different people is hard and it makes you sometimes wish you had your own place or was living with your family. Life would be less complicated then for me at the very least. But I of course know of people who cannot wait to leave home but I suppose I have always been a home girl, a mummy and daddy's girl. I'm not homesick but maybe I just miss being pampered. Or maybe I'm just lazy...maybe i feel like I want my own freedom to dance around the kitchen while cooking not looking over my back every 5 minutes to wonder who is also downstairs or who is coming in the front door.
But, hey this is life and this is part of growing up and living abroad. I suppose I have always asked for this life and so,here I am complaining about it. I blame it on human nature for never being happy with what we have ;) So, you know what I do when I'm depressed ( I suppose I'm over exaggerating here), I watch YouTube. Vloggers are hilarious ( charlieissocoollike, nerimon, italktosnakes, nigahiga, communitychannel ) and also clips on my favourite celebrities like ahem...THE WANTED ( I warned you I will be talking about them alot) and also another British boy band that I have recently discovered, JLS ( who are incredibly awesome and super fit) *smiley face* and my mood turns rightside up. Love.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

THE WANTED are wanted...

TW...a boy band...of beautiful people...well,technically 5 fit recent disovery(well,actually my sister's) has got me head over heels for them. I never pegged myself for the crazy,stalkerish fan ( I left that to my sister) of anything and yet, here I'll admit that I am gugugaga for these 5 lads.  It's scary how intrigued I am about them. Of course, I am not anything close to their biggest fan but for me this is still a scary move. I constantly find myself watching them on youtube or twitter. Why? What is so special about the newest hot British boyband, THE WANTED? Well, I myself have no idea. All I can say is that they have safely got me under their spell. If you don't know who THE WANTED are I won't tell you, you're living under a shell cause you most probably are not. So, here are some facts on my favourite boyband(dare I say,ever).

THE WANTED consists of five boys from Britain and Ireland.

                                            From left : JAY, SIVA, NATHAN, TOM and MAX.

So, to all those still interested in knowing more about this fab boyband, here is some information of them from one of my favourites website, WIKIPEDIA.

The Wanted are a British-Irish pop boy band based in London. The group comprises Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. The band's debut single "All Time Low" reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart in August 2010. Their debut studio album The Wanted was released on 25 October 2010 and charted at number 4 in the UK.

Still want to know more? Well, even if you don't here are more facts...

TOM PARKER...tall,dark and handsome
DOB: 4 August 1988 (do the math to find out how old he is)
PS: he is also the oldest member in the band.
From: Bolton
Learnt to play the guitar at 16 years of age
Is also smart cause he went to Manchester Metropolitan University and studied Geography.

JAY MCGUINESS... super funny and HOT!
my personal favourite out of the lot
DOB : 24 July 1990
From : Nottinghamshire
(I spent a year of my life there, we could have crossed parts but I would have never known
*sad face*)
Best dancer of the group

MAX GEORGE... bald yet awesome...teehee...
From: Manchester
Wanted to become a football player
Manchester City fan
Has posed nude for the cover a magazine

For your eyes, here is a picture...


NATHAN SYKES...the baby of the group
DOB: 18 April 1993 ( Even, I'm older than him)
From : London, then Gloucester
Started singing at 6 years of age
Won a "Britney Spears's Karaoke Kriminals" competition 
(where he actually met Britney, how cool?)

SIVA KANESWARAN...the pouter
DOB: 16 November 1988
From : Ireland
Mixed parentage of Sri Lankan Tamil and Irish
Started modelling at the age of 16
( I could be related to him, could be)

Well, there's a little information about the members of the band. Together, they make up one crazy bunch of people and actually remind me of my own family members.
To get to know them better, follow them on twitter, facebook etc...
Here's a little insight on the lives of the boys. I found this video of them to be hilarious.

They've got this little thing on youtube called WANTED WEDNESDAYS which bascially let's you inside their lives which are quite cool.

This is the song they did for COMIC RELIEF 2011 called Gold Forever...

Well, since I am obsessed with them, I am warning you far in advance that a lot of my blog posts might be about them or at least mention them.So yes, beware...
I can't think of anything else I want to say about them... so for now,


Me, myself and I

I have always loved to write and so here I am expressing my thoughts to the world. What do people write in their first blog post? Well, I'm going to let you into my life, a little at a time. Shy, petite and scared just begin to describe my personality for those who don't know who I am. My friends may say otherwise. Truely, I want to be outgoing, not afraid to say yes to something unknown and not afraid to ask a guy out. But that is just the 'wants'. The 'I am's ' are somewhat different. I can speak if given the opportunity but rarely ever try to make that opportunity for myself. I love to try new things but the inner me is sometimes afraid of the outcome. I'm legal in the eyes of the law however do not or rather have not tried the partying scene. I hate drinking,btw. Before I bore you with my boring characteristics, I should go but not to worry if you so far enjoy reading my blog another post is coming up soon.

'Keep on smiling, the world won't seem like such a gloomy place then'