Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Random Ramblings

I'm going back home in T-minus 72 hours. I'm so excited I can't seem to wipe this smirk of my face. My exams literally ended about 6 hours ago and from then on out, I have found it very difficult to STOP SMILING. I never knew going back home would be this exciting. Anyway, the current theme song to my life is

Cause I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world I'm coming home :) And I can finally say I BALIK KAMPUNG. Though, I won't be at home for a long time, it will still be good to see my family and friends, eat the mouth watering delicacies of home and enjoy the warm weather.

Speaking of weather, it has been raining and raining here in Sydney.
I'm like dude, at least SNOW then all the chilliness I have to endure will be worth it. TEEHEE...

Speaking of TEEHEE (I like how my train of thoughts are working today -all over the place), how awesome is NICE GUYS? Haven't heard it? You should have a listen to it NOW! cause after some time it is still the NO.1 COMEDY SONG on iTunes :)

I am a proud owner of this song and cannot help but replay it over and over again. That's how awesome it is and the music video is so sweet.

Speaking of music videos, has anyone seen The Wanted's GLAD YOU CAME video? I can only express it using one word : DIFFERENT. It looked like a really cool movie trailer and I must say hats off to the director for an awesome video but my question is; IS IT REALLY TW STYLE? Are they trying to gain a larger number of followers? In the same time, will they lose some of their old ones? I hardly doubt that will happen, but the video is in my honest opinion a little too...forward, maybe? I'm sure they have screaming young fans who as I type this will be watching that video and hmm...let's just say are they old enough to be watching stuff like that?
I also have to say that even though I love Jay; he looked absolutely awkward in the video. Tom looked like he was in his element. Speaking of Tom Parker, he is taken. Yup, that's right, he has a girlfriend. I'm sure hearts were broken but suprisingly mine wasn't.

Well, this has just been random ramblings... Stay tuned for more next time only on GIRL ABROAD...teehee

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