Sunday, 7 August 2011

They Make Me Wanna...

Oh, yes they definitely make me so many things but mostly just SMILE at the mere mention of their name, they've cast a spell on me and have definitly got me hooked just like their millions of their other fans. It's so sad that they're not famous back home or even here. I wish they were. But I'm slowly but surely turning my friends into JLSters, I'm very proud of my accomplishments there. teehee.

So, watching their new video over & over again, which has me hooked mainly because of Aston shirtlessness, I wanted to relish at their first attempts of making it big, yes their X-factor audition and boy, they've come along way. And for your pleasure & also in the hope that I'll change you into a JLSter, here is that video of them way back then - which was like only 3 years ago, but they all look so much younger for some reason. Fame has somehow aged them but they still look SO FIT so who cares?!

LOLing at their introduction and their reactions when Simon says that was terrific....

Oh, boys even back then they kinda saw the stars that you'll could be and you proved them right. I feel so proud, it's so weird considering back then I didn't even now they existed. But now, they're all I talk about. Weird.

Speaking of now, here's their latest NO.1 single, SHE MAKES ME WANNA!!!

How awesome is the video? VERY>>>

So, yes JLS have achieved greatness and have come a long way and now if only they decide to do a world tour so I can watch them live, it would be awesome.
So, JLS if by any chance you are reading this, please please do a world tour or at least tour Asia or Australia or both would be great. Thank you xx :)

Also, apparently TW b*tched about JLS calling them light drinkers ( I'd take that as a compliment, but yeah) etc... How very rude of the TW boys, seriously. Can't you play nice & be grateful for your single going to No.1 and now let JLS bask in their limelight? But then again, it could just be the tabloids talking crap, so we dont really know, somebody has to ask them theirselves and post the response on YouTube.

well, till then I'll still be here and there, stalking JLS ;) ( I really shouldn't admit that out loud)

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