Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Story of my life,eh?

My fingers are really itchy. I want to do something but I don't know what. I know I should be studying now but I can't be bothered. I want to do something interest but can't find anything interesting to do.
I actually would spend my time watching YouTube videos but then my internet megabytes would be eaten like crazy and then I've got to go spend money on buying more. I've had my fair share of videos for today, I reckon so here I am updating my blog.

Well, what has happened in my life that's super interesting or exciting? WELL...



Yes, that's right. That's how boring my life is. I've been super busy with university lately. So many assignments, it's crazy and here I thought I could actually get a job this semester. There goes my dream to earn extra pocket money :( 
Besides assignments, I've also decided being the smart-ass I am at times, to join a law competition.
It was well...
a) an experience
b) still going on
c) We're hoping to win at least one round ;)

Well, so I mooted for the first time ever in my life and it was fun. Literally, seconds before walking up to the lantern, I felt my heart pumping blood at like gazillion tonnes per second and I could feel it wanting to jump out of my rib cage. But as soon as I stood at the lantern, addressed the court and started my submission - it all went a way and I zoned all my energy into my speech. Now, that my turn is over, it was fun looking back. I expected to cry at the first question the judge threw at me, but I didn't and I felt like I handled myself very well. I think and even the judges said I did pretty well. So, YAY ME!

Speaking of YAY ME, is it true that Brenda Song is pregnant with Trace Cyrus kid? WTH? WTF? I never curse but this might deserve it. Like WHAT?! And of all people with him? 
Seriously, there goes my childhood. 

Well, I'm signing off now...

never forget to smile people, I'm dead serious. Teehee!

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